Individuals and families are being crushed by rapid rising inflation! We are all struggling with the rising prices of gas, food, housing.

  • Address ways to lower costs of living
  • Prevent future statewide government shut down of businesses
  • Lower taxes
  • Eliminate tax on Social Security


School policies are failing our children.

  • Give parents the ability to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs
  • Hire and retain teachers based on performance and experience (not seniority)
  • Literacy by the end of 3rd grade
  • Prepare students for college/trade school, career, or military
  • Focus on academics


Crime is on the rise everywhere. We feel afraid in places we used to feel safe.

  • ENFORCE current laws and penalties
  • Respect for, and responsibility of, law enforcement officers
  • Strengthen re-entry and chemical dependency programs
  • Teach respect and resilience
  • Strengthen the right to protect our self, loved ones, and home